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Pam Mariea-Nason, RN, MBA

Qualis Health and HealthInsight Board of Directors

Pam Mariea-Nason, RN, MBA, began practicing clinically after earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Oregon Health & Science University. Her work in clinical settings prompted her to look “upstream” for systems solutions to improvement in individuals’ health.

Working with SAIF Corp., she spent time helping to usher managed care into Oregon’s workers compensation system, then spent nine years at the intersection of clinical and health plan work as COO for Tuality Health Alliance, a physician-hospital-community organization. While in that role, she completed her healthcare-focused MBA degree at the University of California, Irvine. She became the Director of Health Policy and Community Engagement for CareOregon, at that time Oregon’s largest Medicaid health plan, then consulted with Kaiser Permanente on the company’s Medicaid transformation work in Oregon.

Ms. Mariea-Nason assumed her current position with Providence in 2012. She also serves on the board of Project Access Now, an organization focused on the most at-risk members of our communities.